We run a range of clinics. For an appointment or further details please call us on 01634 817217.


The asthma clinic provides advice and support and is run by our nurses who specialise in asthma care.


Immunisations are done by our practice nurses.


Fiona Ellis is the diabetic lead working closely with Dr Tanday, this clinic offers advice and general health checks to patients with diabetes.

Family planning

We offer a full family planning service which includes insertion of coils and implants. We run a separate Implanon surgery for insertions and removals, ask at reception for further information.

Phlebotomy Services

We have five experienced phlebotomists who deliver an excellent service. We offer pre-bookable appointments at the main surgery. These appointments are available to book online for registered patients. The appointments start at 07:10 until 09:30 every day Monday to Friday, there are two phlebotomists. We are looking at ways to improve the service continually and welcome patient feedback.

We also offer the walk-in service at the Rochester Healthy Living Centre Daily 08:15 – 11:30. We are confident offering patients a choice of types of appointment will enable the phlebotomy service to run smoothly. If you have any feedback for us on ways to improve the service please write to the Practice Manager.

Thorndike Branch Surgery, Longley Road
Rochester Health Living Centre, Delce Road

Walk-in service at the Rochester Healthy Living Centre, Delce Road

Every morning (Tickets from 08:00) starting at 08:15 – 11:30

Thorndike Main Surgery:
Longley Road, Rochester

Booked Appointments:

Monday 07:10 – 09:30
Tuesday 07:10 – 09:30
Wednesday 07:10 – 09:30
Thursday 07:10 – 09:30
Friday 07:10 – 09:30

Patients of the Thorndike are able to book these appointments online.

Minor surgery

If you require a minor operation your doctor will arrange for you to be given an appointment. We offer a range of procedures that can be done here at the surgery including removal of cysts, lipomas, treatment of skin tags and seborrhoeic warts and toe nail surgery.  We offer this service to the non-registered patient, through your GP by letter or using the Choose & Book system.

We also offer vasectomies using the modified-no-scalpel-technique. For further information please ask to book a telephone appointment with Dr Moore. We offer both services for registered and non-registered patients in the Medway catchment area.

Nexplanon insertions and removals.

We Offer Joint Injections.

More information

Smoking cessation

If you wish to give up smoking you can make an appointment with our HCA’s They run very successful clinic with one to one appointments. They support you throughout your quitting time which means you will have more success at stopping smoking.

Travel Clinic

The Thorndike Practice is a Yellow Fever Site and offers a comprehensive range of travel advice and vaccinations. If you are travelling and want advice from our nurse advisors, please download the Travel form below, and return it to the surgery one week prior to your appointment. Please check with reception on the total cost of your vaccination required for travelling. Yellow fever injection offered at main site only.

Travel Risk Assessment Form

This form is to be completed by patients going abroad on holiday or a business trip for example, who wish to have a risk assessment of their travel plans. This form needs to be returned to reception one week prior to your appointment. Please check about fees before booking appointments for travel.

Other local NHS services

Primary care services which are not available at our practice are provided by Medway CCG (01634 382777).

As well as our practice, there are many other local NHS organisations you can contact for health advice, information or treatment. Before you do, remember that you can treat many minor ailments such as colds, coughs and indigestion by keeping a well-stocked medicine cabinet at home. We suggest you keep the following:

  • Paracetamol and aspirin (children under 16 and people with asthma should not take aspirin)
  • Mild laxatives
  • Anti-diarrhoeal medicines
  • Rehydration mixture
  • Indigestion remedy (for example, antacids)
  • Travel sickness tablets
  • Sunscreen – SPF15 or higher
  • Sunburn treatment (for example, calamine)
  • Tweezers and sharp scissors
  • A thermometer
  • A selection of plasters, non-absorbent cotton wool, elastic bandages and dressings.

Remember . . .

  • Keep the medicine chest in a secure, locked place out of reach of small children
  • Always read the instructions and use the suggested dose
  • Watch expiry dates – don’t keep or use medicines past their sell-by date
  • Take all unwanted and out-of-date medicines back to the pharmacy.

Your local pharmacist

Your local pharmacist will be able to give you free health advice at any time, you don’t need an appointment. Many pharmacies operate extended hours on a rota basis. Call NHS Direct for details.

Out of Hours

If the surgery is closed and you need advice please phone 111. If you have a medical emergency and require immediate attention please phone 999.

Specialist and hospital care

If a GP or another member of our health care team believes you need hospital treatment or specialist care they will discuss your options with you. They may be able to book your appointment electronically while you wait. If you would prefer to have some time to think before deciding where and when to have your treatment, you will be offered the option of booking the appointment at a later date.

NHS Choice

For information about your choices and NHS surgeries please contact the NHS Choices Team on You are able to post your comments about the service you receive from the NHS.

Medway NHS Walk-in Centre

A Medway NHS Centre operates a walk-in service for unregistered and registered patients.

Open 8:00am until 8:00pm 365 days a year.

Balmoral Gardens Healthy Living Centre
Balmoral Gardens

Tel:01634 331177