GP Monthly Events Closures 2015

GP Monthly events 2015. The surgery closes from midday.

Please don’t get caught out with your prescriptions we are CLOSED on the following afternoons:

  • 20th January 2015
  • 17th February 2015
  • 17th March 2015

Time: 12:30 – 17:00
Location: The Inspiration Suite, The Village Hotel, Maidstone

For Emergencies during these half day closures please telephone 111

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Ebola Information

Please Click here to view the Ebola Public health information poster.

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URGENT: Important Changes for Patients


From October 2014 the Thorndike will be changing the way it deals with patients that request to see a GP on a daily basis. Patients that have long term conditions or the doctor has asked to be seen will be offered an appointment that can be pre booked when the doctor requests. If a patient has a medical problem or needs to be seen on the day then the system will change from our current system to our new system.

From October if you need an on the day appointment you will be assessed by our Triage team. They will deal with your problems including prescribing medication. If they assess you and feel you need to see a GP they will have the link to be able to offer you that appointment.

The reason why we are changing is because it is apparent that we need to improve our service. This service has been tried across the country with good outcomes. It has been proven that 60% of patients need no further treatment, 30% need to see a GP face to face and 10 % need to see another clinician like Nurse or HCA (Health Care Assistant)

We will still operate with a duty doctor who will be there to support the team.
This system has proved popular with patients, practice staff and GPs. ‘It’s convenient and stress-free for patients, it reduces the amount of DNAs, (Do not attend) it has had a massive reduction in home visiting. We are not losing our identity but adapting to our environment.

Home Visit Requests

We will also be stricter in patients asking for home visits. Each day we receive many such requests and we understand that a home visit may often be necessary, but we are aware of many cases where the patients requests a home visit and yet can leave the house to go shopping or visit the hairdressers. The GP’s can see at least 3 patients in the time it takes to do one visit. At present each working day a doctor has to do an average 2 visits. We will be asking for you to come to the surgery if you are able top get out to other appointments. We will of course assess each case and this will be done by the triage team or the doctor making the visit. This again is to improve our service enabling doctors to do more in their working day.
We have been very accommodating with regards to the time a request is made but from October a request must be made by 10:30 unless medically urgent.

Further Implementations

We will continue to improve the triage team and to recruit staff to support it.
The aims of triage are:

  • to help patient
  • to make the surgery run more smoothly
  • to educate patients on what else they could have done apart from coming into the surgery
  • to help patients to see a doctor when they really need to

We are also looking at the telephone system with the aim of solving the problem of patients queuing at the door. With the establishment of the triage system and improved telephone system, we hope to avoid the morning queue.

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Phlebotomy Services (Blood Tests)

Thorndike Branch Surgery:
Rochester Health Living Centre,
Delce Road

Walk-in service

Every morning (Tickets from 08:00) starting at 08:15 – 11:30

Thorndike Main Surgery:
Longley Road, Rochester

Booked Appointments:

Monday 07:10 – 13:00
Tuesday 07:10 – 13:00
Wednesday 07:10 – 13:00
Thursday 07:10 – 13:00
Friday 07:10 – 13:00

Early morning booked appointments will help those patients that have to go to work or have fasted for the blood test.

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PPG (Thorndike Patient Participation Group)

Patient Participation Survey Results – Overview


Patient Participation Survey


Patient Participation Group Action Plan

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The New Way To Order Repeat Perscriptions

Click Here: Ordering repeat prescriptions.

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Practice Information Booklet

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Fax: 01634 810814

Rochester Contact Details

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