Phlebotomy Services (Blood Tests)

Rochester Health Living Centre,
Delce Road

Walk-in service

Every morning (Tickets from 08:00) starting at 08:15 – 11:30

Thorndike Main Surgery:
Longley Road, Rochester

Booked Appointments:

Monday 07:10 – 9:30am
Tuesday 07:10 – 9:30am
Wednesday 07:10 – 9:30am
Thursday 07:10 – 9:30am
Friday 07:10 – 9:30am

Early morning booked appointments will help those patients that have to go to work or have fasted for the blood test.

Children under 12 years, blood test available at Rochester Healthy Living Center only. Children 13-16 years blood test available at Longley Road after 8:30am.

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